Toshiba SD-590 DVD Player

We complete our look at Toshiba’s new range of upscaling DVD players, with the top of the range Toshiba SD-590.

Aesthetically, the Toshiba SD-590 is very similar to the SD-490, with it’s clean, and slim profile managing to look high quality, despite the relatively low price. The only difference you’ll notice visually is the USB socket on the front, which is also the main feature that the SD-590 boasts over the SD-490. The built in USB socket enables you to play MP3, DivX and Jpeg files directly from your USB stick and is an important next generation feature that makes the SD-590 a much more flexible device than just a simple DVD player. As with the 490, the display is clear and bright, if a little small, and general build quality is spot on. In additionto the USB socket, the 590 also has the usual connections with a single HDMI, component, digital co-axial and scart sockets.

Toshiba SD-590 DVD PlayerThe player also features the REGZA link so owners of Toshiba televisions will also be able to control multiple Toshiba devices from the same remote control.

Of course, the Toshiba also able to decode Dolby Digital and DTS sound so you can enjoy the full home cinema audio experience, and with its ability to be able to upscale standard DVDs to 1080p, you’ll get a high video experience too.