Sony HT-SS100 Home Cinema System

The Sony HT-SS100 is a good looking system with a massive total power output of 1000W to really give you the high definition movie experience in your home.

If you think you’ve seen this system before you’d be correct, as it is almost identical to the Sony HT-SS360 home cinema system. The only real difference is that this Sony HT-SS100 lacks any wireless capability, so if that is something you want, or think will need in the future, then the SS360 is the system you want. Assuming you are happy without this, then there is not really much more we can say about the SS100 that we haven’t already said about the other model. It comes with the same five speakers and subwoofer with 160mm driver giving a total power output of 1000W which should be more than enough for most rooms. The speakers are all a good size, but we especially like the longer slimmer centre speaker which is so much easier to place and shows that Sony really have put some thought into this system. The SS100 also comes with Sonys DCAC one-push automatic sound set-up to get you listening to your favourite movie in no time.
Sony HT-SS100 Home Cinema System
What we do like about the Sony HT-SS100 as opposed to some of the recent systems from other brands is the three HDMI inputs and two optical inputs meaning you have much more flexibility as to the devices you can connect. This, with the built in RDS radio and digital media port with built in ‘Portable Audio Enhancer’ means the HT-SS100 is a much more realistic option to be the hub of your home entertainment system, and will remain flexible enough for the future too.

Like most recent Sony products the HT-SS100 comes with the Bravia Sync so you get an easy to use integrated control with other devices in their range, and the looks of the system will also match well too. The SS100 has been specifically designed to go with the Sony BDP-S360, BDP-S560 and BDP-S760 Blu-ray players, but would go equally well with other players too.

What to consider before you buy the Sony HT-SS100

If you think you might want the wireless rear speakers in the future, the Sony HT-SS360 could be a better choice, but otherwise, save your money!

Why you should buy the Sony HT-SS100

If you already have a Blu-ray player, or are buying one, then this is a great little system, and with the connection flexibility to be a good investment too. Rating: 4/5