Review of the Sony KDL-32U3000 – 32” Bravia With Freeview

With built in Freeview and of course being HD Ready, it’s easy to see why the Sony KDL-32U3000 is already proving to be a very popular television.

In addition to more features though, the latest generation of LCD televisions have seen a welcome improvement in picture quality over the previous models, and this Sony is no exception.

Sony KDL-32U3000In the typical Sony style, the KDL-32U300 Bravia is a good looking 32″ Widescreen television. Sure it is understated in design but that is part of it’s class, and will help to ensure it still looks good in years to come. It is of course HD Ready as you would expect these days, but also has the added benefit of having Freeview built in. The viewing angle is also nice and wide enabling it to be positioned easily in the room. The two HDMI sockets are welcome, although we would have liked 3 or maybe 4 for even more flexibility. The picture is superb and really a welcome improvement over previous LCD televisions which have been lacking when viewing a normal television signal.

Why you should buy the Sony KDL-32U3000

The picture is great as you would expect from Sony who seem to have a knack of producing some of the best televisions available. The RRP price at £500 makes it more expensive than its competitors, but there are currently some great deals around that make this a better deal than other cheap HDTV sets and make it very tempting indeed and hard to beat. It will display right up to 1080i, which is more than adequate for a television of this size. It also has the ‘Bravia Theatre Sync’ which enable you to control your home cinema system from the one remote control.

Why you shouldn’t buy the Sony KDL-32U3000

There is nothing bad about the television at all, but in it does have a couple of weak points. The sound, although perfectly acceptable for television, is not brilliant if you are planning on watching a lot of movies on it – you may wish to consider adding some separate surround sound speakers to get the full benefit. The two HDMI sockets are also adequate for most people connecting a DVD player and a Playstation 3, but if you also want to add a Sky HD box or another console, you’ll have to sacrifice a device.


In all, you’d be hard pressed to buy a better quality television than the Sony KDL-32U3000 at this price point, and with the added benefit of Freeview, it all adds up to a great value package.