Review of the Samsung HT-TZ212R/XEU Home Cinema System

The Samsung HT-TZ212R Home Cinema System is a one box solution to your home cinema needs. Consisting of 5 speakers, sub woofer, DVD player with HDMI, and speaker cable, all at a competitive price. On paper it seems to have sealed the deal – but does it deliver where is counts?

Samsung HT-TZ212R/XEU Home Cinema SystemThe Samsung HT-TZ212R Home Cinema System consists of everything you need to get a decent home cinema system. You get the DVD player, which you can connect to your television by HDMI or component, if it supports them, or scart or composite if it doesn’t. You also get the 5 speakers and a sub woofer to really get things shaking, all supplied with the necessary cables.

The DVD player is very attractive machine with a glossy glass front and minimal controls to help give it a classy look. One nice touch is the addition of a usb port so you can plug in a mass storage device and play music or view images through the player. It will also play MP3 tracks from a CD which is an often overlooked feature – if you’ve got a party coming up, burn about 70 tracks onto a CD, and leave it playing – much better than keep changing CD’s. It also comes with a radio with RDS, so it really can replace your whole stereo system and dvd player in one go!

The front and centre speakers are all small enough to sit next to the television, and are simple enough in design not to look fussy or too obvious. Where Samsung has scored on this system though is the rear speakers. They are tall and slim enough to site anywhere without being obtrusive so the mounting problems often found with rear speakers, just disappear. The speakers are well designed and constructed, and have a good weight to them that suggest they will sound good – and they do. The sub woofer, whilst not going to shake the walls down, gives a very welcome presence to the movies we watched, and the speakers handle detail and dynamic sound with ease. The sub woofer needed a bit of moving around to get the best from it as the speakers sounded a bit lacking when the sub wasn’t sited well.

Why you should buy the Samsung HT-TZ212R Home Cinema System

The Samsung is a very capable and attractive looking home cinema system – it installs with ease, has good connectivity to connect older and newer televisions, as well as optical to connect to your Playstation 3 or XBox 360, and also is very keenly priced at around £200.

Why you should NOT buy the Samsung HT-TZ212R Home Cinema System

The DVD won’t upscale to 1080p – which we’re not surprised by at this price point – but may put some people off.


An easy to install, one box solution to provide you with a very decent home cinema system – you can’t go far wrong.


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