Panasonic SC-PT467EB

The Panasonic SC-PT467 is a very neat solution to many peoples home cinema requirements – good looks, good speaker size, wireless rear speakers, and an iPod dock. That’s all you could want right? Well, let’s see….

Panasonic SC-PT467 Home Theatre System
Of course it takes more than good looks and convenience to make a decent home cinema system, but it’s a good start. In typical Panasonic style, everything is a bit understated, and classy looking – there is no equipment desparately trying to steal the limelight from your HDTV here. Your HDTV will also be pleased about the great quality 1080p up-converted signal it is receiving via HDMI and the seamless Viera link (if you have a Panasonic TV that is). As well as the now vital HDMI socket, the SC-PT467 also has a digital optical input, a USB and a scart socket. The 4 surround speakers are small at 6″ (142cm) high, and even the subwoofer is only 40cm high, so positioning the speakers shouldn’t be a problem. The overall sound from the system is well integrated and will add an instant boost to your movie watching.

The beauty of this system comes in two main areas – an integral iPod dock that allows you to listen to your tunes and your videos in surround sound, and the wireless rear speakers to help position them easily in your room. Both of these really make the SC-PT467 stand above the rest, and are genuinely useful and sought after features.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SC-PT467 Home Theatre System

Whilst the system isn’t up there with the best all-in-one systems we’ve heard, in this price bracket it is very competitive, and with the wireless rear speakers, it makes it a great choice. It’s not quite as cute as the Sony DAV-IS50 but it does have the advantage of the integrated iPod dock, which is a fantastic and well thought out feature.

Why you should NOT buy the Panasonic SC-PT467 Home Theatre System

We haven’t got too much to complain about with this unit, but if we have to choose something it would be the length of the rear speaker cables which could do with being a little longer. Yes, you heard correct – although it is supposed to be wireless, the rear speakers do need connecting to a wireless transmitter box. This box receives the audio signal from the main unit and sends it via cable to the speakers. This does have the advantage of making the rear speakers much less prone to interference than other wireless systems but does mean you have to position the box as well as the speakers.


Rather than just five speakers and a simple player/amp, all-in-one systems are starting to become well thought out and flexible systems capable of providing really useful and beneficial features along with great surround sound. The Panasonic SC-PT467 is definitely one of the best available at the moment.


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