JVC TH-G60 DVD Home Cinema System

With 1000W of power, and a full 5.1 speaker set up, the JVC TH-G60 is a comprehensive and good value DVD home cinema system suitable for anyone who craves power, but without the high cost.

JVC TH-G60 DVD Home Cinema System

The JVC TH-G60 actually has quite a lot going for it, the front speakers are full height which makes positioning them at the optimum listening height and position a great deal easier. The wide centre channel speaker and smaller surround sound speakers will be equally easy to position, and if you need to, all 5 speakers are wall mountable. The simple square subwoofer is not too large to be awkward to position, but big enough to house a 16cm driver inside to add some bass depth to your movies. All speakers are very simple in design but yet remain quite classy looking, and the full height front speakers especially looking like serious pieces of home cinema kit. The rest of the speakers are equally good looking, with the front grille being completely cloth covered.

The main unit again looks quite serious with five backlit control buttons and volume dial on the front fascia. The JVC TH-G60 has a single HDMI output, but also a component video output if you need it – it will also upconvert to 1080p to help you get the most from your DVD collection. There is also a digital optical input so you can plug in a games console and enjoy surround sound from your gaming too, and a USB input so you can enjoy MP3/WMA/JPEG files as well as DivX/XviD.

What to consider before you buy the JVC TH-G60

At this price we can’t complain too much, but it would have been nice to see an HDMI input as well, which would have made it a really flexible system.

Why you should buy the JVC TH-G60

The JVC is a good looking and powerful home cinema system, but its the price that gets the most attention, and at well under £300, it makes a fantastic value for money choice. Rating: 4/5