Harmon Kardon AVR 155 and AVR 255

Harmon Kardon AVR 155

Harmon Kardon AVR 155

With its two tone grey and gloss black finish, home cinema receivers don’t come much better looking than the Harmon Kardon AVR 155. The design is clean and uncluttered, and whilst all the important function and control buttons are still on the front fascia of the receiver, they have been put into a long strip which blends in to the design. This is certainly a home cinema amplifier you would not mind having on show.

The Harmon Kardon AVR 155 also has quite a good specification with three HDMI inputs and it’s EzSet/EQ quick system set up tool. Power output is perhaps a little lacking at 40W per channel over 5 channels, but at this segment of the market it is quite respectable.

What to consider before you buy Harmon Kardon AVR 155

If you need high definition sound support, you should consider the next model in the range, the AVR 255 (below). If design and brand are not important to you, there are also better value alternatives.

Why you should buy the Harmon Kardon AVR 155 Best Prices

The Harmon 155 does everything very well – sound, function and looks, and whilst it may not be the best value option, the Harmon Kardon AVR 155 is a great choice.

Harmon Kardon AVR 255

Harmon Kardon AVR 255

Like many of the products from the brand, the Harmon Kardon AVR 255 has been thoughtfully designed. It has a two tone grey and gloss black finish and is not the sort of amplifier you will want to hide away, but definitely one that you’ll want to show off.

Although it sits exactly in the middle of the range, the Harmon/Kardon AVR 255 has an impressive specification. Like its younger brother (the AVR 155), the AVR 255 also comes with three HDMI inputs but makes full use of them this time with DTS-HD Master and Dolby TrueHD high definition audio decoding as well as high definition upscaling to 1080P via the highly regarded Faroudja DCDi Cinema® video processor.

The EzSet/EQ system will make setting up the receiver a simple affair, and with power output at 50W per channel over 7 channels, there is enough power to suit most people. The Harmon Kardon AVR 255 is a fully specced, great looking, futureproof buy.