Exclusive movies to rent at Blockbuster – but are they worth seeing?

Just when you thought the online DVD rental market had settled down, Blockbuster seems to have pulled off quite a coup with a selection of films that are available exclusively from them. What does this mean for online renters and should we all be jumping ship to Blockbuster?

Blockbuster It certainly is quite an interesting development in the DVD and Blu-ray rental market, but if you’re like us, your first thought will probably be to wonder exactly what films they have exclusive on. Well, as of January 2009 the current selection includes the latest Saw sequel (‘Saw V’), ‘Changeling’ starring Angelie Jolie, ‘Righteous Kill’ with Pacino and De Niro, ‘Ghost Town’ starring Ricky Gervais and and our favourite of the lot, ‘Body of Lies’ with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. These aren’t straight to DVD releases either, but major Hollywood films. So if you’re desparate to see or buy any of those films as soon as you can, then you can only do so from Blockbuster.

The exclusivity Blockbuster have on these titles is fairly short lived though. Take Body of Lies for example – it is available to rent from Blockbuster on the 6th March 2009 but you’ll only have to wait until the 23rd March 2009 if you want to buy or rent it from anywhere else – just over a two week wait.

But even with only a short exclusive period, it would seem that Blockbuster now makes the obvious first choice when choosing your rental provider, and it could even be worth jumping to them from your current provider. Well, there are a few other things to consider first…

Why you should use Blockbuster as your online DVD and Blu-ray rental service

If you like to see films before anyone else, and you watch a lot per month, and you are more mainstream in your viewing habits, then Blockbuster is your best choice as your DVD rental provider. As we found in our recent round-up of DVD rental services their selection of films is massive, and although it might not include some of the more obscure movies, they are likely to have everything you could want. Their prices are pretty much the same as the other big rental providers as well.

Why you should NOT use Blockbuster as your online DVD and Blu-ray rental service

If you rent about two movies a month and are not particularly bothered about waiting a couple of weeks to see what could only be a very small selection of films, then Blockbuster is not for you. The basic package from LoveFilm and Tesco is over £1 cheaper per month than the equivalent at Blockbuster so makes a better option. If you’re into more critically acclaimed and specialised films, then we still think Cinema Paradiso is the best option. Read out article on DVD rental services to find our the best service for you.


So there you have it, if you’re fairly easy going about when you see your films, then think of Blockbusters deal as as more of a delay than an exclusive. However, if there is a film if you’re itching to see (and we’ve all been there) then any wait will be too long and you’ll want to see it as soon as you possibly can – and that could only mean with Blockbuster.